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In addition to the above graphic tees, the women's collection has four different styles of tee: plain and simple, original, scoop and slim tee. Graphic designs for the ladies include the Tree Hugger, Luv My Mother and Go Green designs as Moncler Jackets Outlet well. The three main animal designs logos are the same as the men's line with the bear, whale, and the dodo. EcoGear also offers women's capri's and tube dresses for additional style options.

About 2 years ago, my old White sewing machine finally gave it up. I went shopping and ended up with a Brother SE400. The Project Runway Edition, no less. Unfortunately, the machine is a bit more complex than what I had been using before. I've had some trouble figuring out how to use it, and thus what to do with it.

All good skate shops should get skate clothing wholesale. I'm the owner of a pretty small skate shop and it's hard to turn a profit if you don't buy your gear from a wholesale distributor. By purchasing my skate gear wholesale, I pay a lot less for clothing and make a lot Moncler Outlet more off what I sell.

Take an old shirt and transform it into a flirty top with this inexpensive project. All you need is some lace trim and an afternoon of handstitching. This tutorial starts off with a sleeveless shirt, but you can also use a Tshirt by cutting off the sleeves. Simply use fabric scissors to cut along the inside of the shoulder seam. Craft stores sell basic Tshirts in a wide variety of colors, but you can also use old shirts from a thrift shop.

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